Ep 6. Mastering Nomad Life: Insights from the Nomad Accommodation Guy

🎙️ Join us in this podcast episode with Chris Cerra, a renowned digital nomad and founder of RemoteBase, as we delve into the intricacies of nomad accommodation and coliving spaces. 🏠 

In this episode, Chris shares his extensive experience in finding and evaluating accommodation worldwide, providing valuable insights into what makes a place ideal for remote workers. He discusses the challenges and benefits of coliving, from maintaining productivity in shared spaces to building a supportive community on the road. 📈🚪

Learn about Chris’s approach to balancing work and travel, and how his experiences have shaped his views on creating functional and engaging coliving environments. Tune in to discover practical tips and strategies for enhancing your nomadic lifestyle. 🎧


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Sole: Hello and welcome to another episode of Colivers Club podcast. Today, we’re on-site in Chiang Mai, sitting with Chris from RemoteBase. Hello, Chris, and thanks for coming. Tell us a bit about yourself.

Chris: Sure. I’m Chris, I live the digital nomad life and I’m all about accommodation for nomads.

Sole: Awesome. So, you’re the Accommodation Guy. What’s your take on the different coliving options for digital nomads?

Chris: Yeah, I found out about coliving from Ramon. He’d been to a few places and shared his experiences. The first time I heard about it, I was traveling with my girlfriend in Spain. We tried various colivings, especially across Europe. It’s a big scene now.

Sole: How was your first experience with coliving?

Chris: It was quite different. I remember Ramon mentioning it because he’d been to several places. Now, it’s a lifestyle for us. Initially, it was difficult, but over time, we discovered more about what worked for us. A lot of the places I stayed at felt more like hotels than colivings, especially in the UK. They would turn into restaurants and bars by night. It wasn’t the best setup for a coliving space.

Sole: So, did you find it challenging to balance work and coliving?

Chris: Definitely. A lot of the time, these places felt noisy and not conducive to working. They tried to mix too many things, like turning into bars at night. It wasn’t the ideal environment for focused work.

Sole: Yeah, it seems like finding the right balance is key. How do you handle the stress of managing your business while traveling?

Chris: It’s tough. People think being a digital nomad is all fun and games, but it’s not. You have to manage work and travel, which can be very stressful. I try to slow down and not rush through places, which helps a bit.

Sole: How do you find communities while traveling?

Chris: Finding a good community is essential. It’s one of the main reasons why coliving works for me. You get to be around like-minded people, which helps reduce stress and boosts productivity.

Sole: Do you think having a personal brand helps in this lifestyle?

Chris: Absolutely. A personal brand can make it easier to connect with others and find work. It shows your values and what you stand for, which is crucial when you’re always on the move.

Sole: For someone just starting with coliving, what advice would you give?

Chris: Start by attending events and meetups. It’s a great way to build your network. Also, don’t be afraid to try different colivings until you find what works for you. Everyone’s experience is different.

Sole: How do you deal with the uncertainties of this lifestyle?

Chris: It’s about finding balance and being adaptable. Sometimes things don’t go as planned, and you just have to roll with it. Having a supportive community helps a lot.

Sole: Do you think it’s worth it to have a strong online presence?

Chris: Yes, but it’s important to be genuine. Share your experiences and show people what it’s really like. It’s not just about selling a lifestyle, but providing real value and insights.

Sole: Thanks for sharing your insights, Chris. Where can our listeners find you online?

Chris: You can find me on remotebase.co and other social platforms. Thanks for having me, Sole. It was great chatting with you.

Sole: Thank you so much for your time, Chris. We hope to have you again on the podcast.

Chris: Thanks, Sole. Looking forward to it!

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